It’s not efficient, and does about as much cold air as a seltzer bottle. You have to wind it in a coil for the coolant to actually have any effect, whatsoever. Seriously am gonna make this! Just get a pump that does not need to be submerged. Get one that has an intake and output nipple on it for hooking up to tubing then run from your output to a plastic tube that goes to the coil of copper then from the copper output put a plastic tube that goes in to the cooler and forms another coil. Fill the system with antifreeze. Now your copper tubing is isolated from the salt water and you actually get some rust prevention from the anti freeze. Oh and BTW fill the cooler with ice, rock salt, and salt water this will super cool it. It will probably form Ice on the coil rather then condensation. CraigR12 2 years ago Reply Great idea, plus removing the submersible pump will help prevent the water from warming up from the pump running.

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It makes ice really fast and very easy to use and clean. I use water from my large bought water jug to make my ice and it tastes so good, Very good product for the price and makes plenty of ice for a small party or just individual use I love it. On its maximum settings, it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Special Features Include Makes fresh ice in as little as 6 minutes Produces 26 lbs.

Swamp cooler maintenance tips connecting a swamp cooler line to outside faucet hvac how swamp cooler maintenance tips how to winterize a swamp cooler with pictures hvac Whats people lookup in .

Top Places to see in the Philadelphia Area before you die. I am doing a 4 part series on the National Park. Here is part 1 of 4. Nestled on the upper northwest corner of New Jersey, sits this magnificent treasure. It is the 14th most visited site in the United States. They believe the National Park was created millions of years ago from major uplift and erosion through glacial activity. This natural event over time has created gorgeous streams, lakes, and rhododendron ravines that we enjoy today.

The park sits at a higher elevation which makes it a cooler environment almost by 10 degrees in the summer than the rest of the state. Making this a nice getaway from the heat in the city. It is one of the oldest roads remaining on the east coast. It travels from New England to Philadelphia in almost the same laid out roadway as thousands of years prior.

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Swamp Cooler Roof Installation The best time to rough in your swamp cooler wiring and water line for your new cooler is after the holes are cut through the roof and ceiling, but before the ductwork is installed. The attic will be relatively cool because of the natural ventilation of the heat exiting the roof. If the swamp cooler wiring can be done now without interfering with the ductwork installation, you will be a much happier Do-It-Yourselfer.

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Ask Question Step 2: Materials You can’t very well build this without materials to build it with, can you? I have included the prices we paid for them in italics, as well as prices you might pay and places to get them. Ice Chest-free, had it on hand If at all possible, get one with a hinged lid. Free from a storage shed or a dumpster.

We used an old 12 quart cooler, and it fit a 7 pound bag of ice. Also, I haven’t tried it, but Ufixitautoparts sells heater cores for under 5 bucks apiece. Newegg has a nice assortment, too. Hose-free, had it in stock Ours came from an auto-parts store, but it can be found at hardware and auto-parts stores for a dollar or so for a few feet. Caulking-free, from the stock in the shop Can be found near the bilge pump, or from a hardware store.

Piano hinge depending on cooler -free, in stock Only necessary if your cooler isn’t hinged. A couple bucks at the hardware store. Inner tube piece optional -free, blown tube You may or may not need this-see step 7.

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Quite the sales job Paul so why did you build it? If you know Western Washington State you know that we can take the rain for a year straight no problem but when the mercury heads past 80 degrees the apocalypse is soon to follow. I thought I might take a casual stroll this morning to our local Home Depot to see what kind of cooling options were available.

Jul 08,  · I was wondering about some more details about this as I stare at the useless swamp cooler controller i have, I had the idea to hook up a raspberry pi, so i searched to see if anyone else has done it, leading me to here.

Javier Galindo This design is better and simpler than mine, it avoids the more expensive three pole relay, and it is a cleaner drawing! If you still wanted the Packard Delay, just put it on the low wire between the final relay and the motor. Solar due to safety and it’s overkill. The standard method is to use a SPDT contact to change speeds so that voltage is only applied to either the Low or the High but never both. So the proper way is to have the DPDT relay Y1 first stage cooling turn on pump and the time delay relay which controls power through the common leg of a second SPDT relay.

Basically what I am saying is that the original poster had the control logic exactly correct except for R B coil needs C on his diagram and that it follows standard control procedures and I respectfully recommend to not follow the advice given later by Mr. Nest has intelligence and doesn’t care if you terminate R or Rc since it automatically will jump these two connectors.

Your problem is two transformers. The transformer power will be supplied by your existing furnace transformer already connected. You didn’t show your heating wiring so I don’t know if you had to use the C terminal currently or not. Many times you don’t need the Common wire terminated at the Nest. Wire everything like you originally show except the R B coil goes to C not R.

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One bucket should make at least 4 2″ strips, so one sacrificed bucket will do for four swamp coolers, so going in with friends means less waste. An improvised alternative is fine, too, this is not a precision venture. OSH carries rolls sold by the foot: You only need about 13″. Two Computer cooling fans, mmx mm, 12v:

I thought the worst of the troubles were the cheap water line hook up that blows out continually, the dented housing and the extremely noisy misalignment of the fan housing with no adjustments.

They can move from room to room, yes, but the setup of a portable AC makes it difficult to do so with any ease. The weight of the unit, combined with the setup time and effort, mean that most portable ACs simply stay in one place as needed. So why does getting the smallest unit matter? Aside from taking up floor space, smaller units can be more efficient at cooling down a room. That said, the size of your unit will also depend on the size of the room, so that some of the smaller units may not have the cooling power for a larger space like a living room or large office.

The benefits of buying a smaller portable AC: This model offers a cooling power of 12, BTU, enough to cool down about square feet. The LG model is best for rooms up to square feet. Our final list of 40 models was based on user feedback, expert reviews, manufacturer data and the features of each model, as well as government energy reports and ratings. Our research showed that the average height of our models was There were 23 models under that height and 17 models under the average weight, and we weighed excuse the pun those factors alongside cooling performance and customer reviews.

Ultimately, there were five models that had low weights, low heights and relatively good user experiences. Our Additional Recommendations Because the difference in height, dimensions and weight was often minimal between units, we also recommend several ACs based on their features.

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Detailed plans for making evaporative coolers. Intended for greenhouses, but may be adaptable to other situations. Small, DIY, portable, solar powered evaporative coolers This is a pretty slick homemade evaporative cooler. This one was made for camping, but it could be used in a variety of situations. It can be solar powered, so its also good for saving energy and for power outages.

Swamp People is an American reality series that was first broadcast on History on August 22, The show follows the day-to-day activities of Lillooet native Glen Ferguson AKA Troy Landry living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin with his old pal eustace who hunt American alligators for a living.. As of June 7, , episodes of Swamp People have aired, concluding the ninth.

A full-service hardware store can hook you up with what you need for this. I used a cedar pole salvaged from a downed tree, but any post will do. Set a post outside the coop. Cut three pieces of pipe as shown. Drill a hole in the bucket. Connect the pipe to the bucket with the watertight fitting. Drill small holes size determined by the nipples you purchase in the length of pipe that will extend into the coop and insert the nipples into the holes. Assemble the pieces and fill with water. You need some support to hold up the first elbow downstream from the bucket.

I used a piece of fishing line. Also, attach the pipe inside the coop to the underside of the henhouse. A nylon slip tie and a piece of string should work.

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Anyone have neat tricks to add, tack em on please. The key to evaporative coolers, is evaporation. This means you have to raise water to the state where it goes to a gas. Sublimation from ice to air is most desirable, but not going to happen often it the south where we have these, and is even harder to spell. But if you want to:

A cold seep (sometimes called a cold vent) is an area of the ocean floor where hydrogen sulfide, methane and other hydrocarbon-rich fluid seepage occurs, often in the form of a brine pool. Cold does not mean that the temperature of the seepage is lower than that of the surrounding sea water. On the contrary, its temperature is often slightly higher. The “cold” is relative to the very warm (at.

July 28, , Of course it would work and with a creek or a well. I service water wells for a living. A few things to consider: It may not raise well water temperature significantly. Most underground aquifer systems are not static, but have some flow through the production zone underground. So the heat could be carried away in the flow of groundwater or absorbed into such a large thermal sink that the delta T would be insignificant.

Dumping the water back down the well would be very illegal here, but I’m sure that would vary state to state. In any case I would never recommend it. Even a closed loop system may be on the edge of the law since a leak into your well and all your neighbors’ if you have any that carried unwanted contaminants into the groundwater would be very unpleasant.

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When we flush the toilet, water continues to flow through a small tube into a vertical tube that is next to the flange, I think that’s what it’s called the part that lifts up by a chain when you flush conventional flush: As water goes down in tank, flapper covers the hole to allow the tank to refill. The small tube that dumps water into the standup, larger tube is what fills the bowl back up.

Jun 20,  · Swamp cooler with a water chilling system feeding it is the shit. You are lucky like me in that you geet very cool nights. open the windows and let the house get Cold at night, around 8 or 9 AM close up the windows keeping the cool in.

Firstly you should know that you are not comparing apples with apples with the two units you have quotes for. The Braemer is only a 9. An evaporative units performance unlike refrigerated are normally sized based on number of air changes per minute, ie total volume of air that the unit can displace. But to simplify the sizing it is commonly rated in kW’s as above- this is misleading if comparing to a refrigerated unit.

The Breezair has a salinty probe which dumps the water tank when it gets too salty, I think the Braemer just dumps the water based on time uses more water. A good installer A will measure the total area of the house including wet areas to calculate the size unit required. Some installers B will measure the floor area of the house, then deduct the wet areas to calculate the size required. Installer B usually wins the job because the unit installed is smaller and hence cheaper than A.

Our neighbours have a Braemer which appears to be undersized. Our unit being over sized does not need to run flat out and often is only at half speed, resulting in quiet operation and less power consumption. Through the heat wave here last summer we were sleeping with the doona’s on it was that cold inside.

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