Both of his parents, who were swim coaches, influenced him a lot to pursue his career as a swimmer. Lochte began swimming at a very early age. In spite of swimming, he was also highly fascinated with skateboarding and basketball. After graduating from the high school, Lochte enrolled the Florida University where he joined the Florida Gators swimming team. Career achievement His talent, ambition and hard work led him to qualify for the Olympics, held in Athens, Greece. After a year, he won two bronze medals in the World Aquatics Championships. In , he made world record during his first individual long course at the World Aquatic Championships. He won gold medal in the meter backstroke race. In the Beijing Olympics he did not fail to receive several medals including two gold and two bronze medals. In , he bought home five more gold medals from the World Aquatics Championships.

Ryan Lochte Wiki: Birthday, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Hair, Olympics & 5 Facts to Know

Lochte, 32 and a four-time Olympian, blamed his “immature behavior. Read More “It’s how you want to make it look like,” Lochte responded. All we know is there was a gun pointed in our direction and we were demanded to give money. Lochte also spoke with Brazilian network Globo, which aired its interview Saturday night. If I had not done that, none of this would have happened. Two interviews, two languages The International Olympic Committee has set up a disciplinary commission to investigate Lochte and the three other US swimmers involved in an altercation at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday.

Such is the background of “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” a dating show of sorts on E! that debuted in late April. The series follows Lochte as he prepares for the Summer Olympics, creates a fashion line, makes media appearances and spends time with friends and family.

Pablo Morales is his idol. Morales was the world record holder for the m butterfly from , and won the event at the Barcelona Olympic Games. He got serious about swimming at 14, when he lost at the Junior Olympics. As a youngster Lochte was more often found horsing around during practice than paying attention to the workout.

That changed after a humbling performance at the J. He graduated from the University of Florida in Everything You Ever Wanted to Know 4. He does a heap of charity work. Lochte is very active with his philanthropy, donating time and money to numerous causes. The foundation puts on events , usually headlined by Lochte, to raise money for swim scholarships. One of his idols snubbed him for an autograph when he was an age-grouper.

As a 10 year old Lochte was denied an autograph by one of his swimming idols. As a result, he does everything he can to accommodate fan requests.

Ryan Lochte dumped by girlfriend Jaimee Holler over phone after four years of dating

Andy Scott On Oct. As Lochte, 32, basks in the first bit of good news he’s had since he got caught lying about a robbery at the Olympic Games in Rio , let’s get to know the woman who unexpectedly won over his heart. Their connection was brief; friends reportedly pulled Lochte away from Reid after they clasped hands. He messaged her on Instagram shortly thereafter. But wait—was Tinder involved?

Sep 12,  · Ryan Lochte attacked during ‘Dancing with the Stars’ live premiere. An awkward and scary moment after Lochte and partner Cheryl Burke completed their dance.

Ryan Lochte will not receive separate punishment from the International Olympic Committee for lying about being robbed at gunpoint during the Rio de Janeiro Games. The two men had tickets but were not wearing the T-shirts when they entered the studio, according to police. No charges have been filed at this point. The men are tentatively scheduled for a court appearance on Oct.

Inaba, suddenly distracted, could be heard on the television broadcast saying, “Excuse me. Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. Host Tom Bergeron was heard off camera saying, “Wow, OK,” before sending the show to what appeared to be an unplanned break. Behind Bergeron, both Lochte and Burke appeared flustered by the incident. Security personnel tackled the two men and took them away from the set, along with four or five women from the audience who appeared to be part of the impromptu protest, according to ABC.

Police were called, and the two men were placed under arrest.

Ryan Lochte: I’ll be back, and I want Michael Phelps with me for ’20 Games

He told NBC’s “Today” show that he said “whatever” as a gun was pointed at his head. Here’s a look back at some of his boldest comments over the years. I refused, I was like we didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m not getting down on the ground,” he told the “Today” show. Gawker posted a rundown of Lochte’s best quotes from his short-lived reality show career dating back to on E!

Guest Post by Jaime. When promos for What Would Ryan Lochte Do?started airing, we had several requests to recap it. Sage and I didn’t have the will to do it, despite the many requests, but luckily our good friend Jaime volunteered to recap for us. Welcome to the Head Over Feels family, love!

The time Olympic medalist is known for working hard and playing harder. While under the aquatic tutelage of both parents — his mother was also a coach — Lochte goofed off in practice and gravitated toward land sports such as basketball and skateboarding. He has played the up-and-coming underdog ever since. Despite his original dislike of swimming, Lochte is now an Olympic champion, starred briefly in his own reality TV show, and has often been named the flashy, fun companion of his sometimes-friend and most-times rival, Michael Phelps.

He named his dog, Carter, after the given name of his favorite rap artist, Lil Wayne. During his college career, he qualified for his first Olympics in At trials, he met and raced against Michael Phelps, a competitor whose shadow Lochte would struggle to escape for many years to come. The relay team repeated the feat the following summer at the World Championships. The next year, he won his first individual Olympic gold medal in the same event at the Beijing Olympics.

Although he qualified for three individual events in Beijing and medaled in all of them, even in the face of a grueling double, Lochte was frustrated with himself for contracting a stomach bug that hampered his performance. The mishap fueled his urge to fully access his potential.

Ryan Lochte Engaged to Playboy Playmate Girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid

Ryan also makes out with a dolphin. Jealous and awkward moments follow. Ryan Lochte wonders these same things. And even if he wanted to he can only compete in the Olympics for so long.

Ryan Lochte and his fiancée, Kayla Rae Reid, have welcomed a healthy baby boy, a rep for the couple exclusively confirms to Us Weekly. Their son arrived at a.m. on Thursday, June 8. “Never seen a miracle happen before,” Lochte, 32, wrote via Instagram on Thursday.

We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. However, it’s clear to us that Phelps is so last season and this is the summer of Lochte. He is ten times hotter than Phelps will ever be and is winning some serious gold. In honor of this bro’s birthday, we broast to you Ryan Lochte. It has recently been made clear to us that superficiality has spread as far as the Olympics, as they are obviously only selecting the hottest people to be wet and half naked to represent the best fucking country ever.

Ryan has been a huge little douchebag since he exited the womb. As a child he got kicked out of his own father’s swim class for pulling other children’s legs, blowing bubbles, and hiding at the other end of the pool. His dad said he spent more time looking at himself in the mirror in the locker room than in the pool. Our kind of bro. Like the traditional all American jock pro, bro Lochte is, he is low-key dumb as fuck, casually swimming through life solely on his looks.

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For full Swimming World coverage, check out our event coverage page. There was a time when Ryan Lochte was the undisputed No. One year later, he stormed to Olympic gold in the IM in London, arguably the signature race of his career. Never before had Lochte failed to win an individual medal at an international meet, but there had been a pattern of slippage in his swimming dating back to well before

Dear Ryan Lochte, Here’s the thing, bro. You’re really pretty. Like, really pretty. You’ve got abs of steel and the chiseled face of a Greek.

It got him suspended — again. The longtime American swimming star has been banned from competition until July , which means the time Olympic medallist cannot compete as planned in the national championships that start this week in California. The month ban, retroactive to May 24 and announced on Tuesday AEST by USADA, is his second in less than two years following his month suspension for his behaviour during a drunken incident that created widespread scorn at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

I was swimming fast. My son being born. Everything was perfect, and then this happened. Under most circumstances, athletes cannot receive IVs unless related to a hospitalisation or when allowed under the terms of a USADA-approved exemption — and Lochte fell into neither of those categories. Oh Ryan, what were you thinking?

Gay Spy: Ryan Lochte strips down to his smalls to promote new TV show

As an individual swimmer, Ryan Lochte has reached lots of records. Talking about important international contests, Ryan Lochte has received 57 medals. These contests include important occasions like Olypmics, the World Scale Championships along with the American ones. Initially, Ryan Lochte was living in The Big Apple, nevertheless, after he moved to dwell to Florida, where his dad had more chances to educate his son swimming.

When he was five years of age, Ryan Lochte began to be educated the best way to swim by both of his parents.

and Lochte will have lost any chance at dating her forever. Well, Ryan Lochte, good luck with Dancing with the Stars this season; I’m sure you’d love to add that mirrorball trophy to your list of.

Aug 18, 4: He fled hot water in Brazil, and was in hot company back at home. Advertisement But two of Lochte’s teammates didn’t get out quickly enough and were pulled off a plane at Rio’s airport, as authorities threw cold water on their story about being robbed at gunpoint, according to the U. As the Brazilians sought to calm rattled nerves, British Olympic officials announced one of their team members was held up at gunpoint early Tuesday in Rio.

A candid letter sent to British athletes warned them against “leaving the village after dark” and wearing Olympic gear — and it specifically cautioned against taking taxis. Ryan Lochte is back in the U. Authorities are questioning their Olympic robbery story. Meanwhile, a witness in the States told People magazine she saw a relaxed Lochte and Kayla Reid at about But like the competition, the judge was too slow. Related Gallery More Sports Rio Olympic controversies and scandals “His platinum hair was showing, and it’s so in your face, it was very obvious it was him.

Lochte told Lauer he had no sense that officials were skeptical of his version of events when he was questioned about the incident.

DWTS: Who Is Ryan Lochte’s Bikini Model Girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid?

Lochte was thrust into the spotlight recently after Brazilian officials determined he fabricated the story of a robbery in the early hours of Sunday, during the Rio Olympic games. Instead, he and three fellow teammates damaged a bathroom door during a “rowdy gas station confrontation,” Associated Press reports. Aside from possibly being a terrible liar, what else do we know about Lochte? For starters, while we’re on the subject of stolen wallets, how much is the dude worth?

Love in a hopeless place:

A lawyer representing US swimmer Ryan Lochte says that the Rio Olympics athlete ‘would have kicked a** had it just been one robber’.. Lochte revealed on Sunday that he was robbed by a.

Email Twelve-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte has had a year full of ups and downs. Sure, he won gold. But a false robbery scandal that made international headlines forced Lochte to leave the Rio Olypmics in disgrace. Then, he lost millions of dollars in sponsorship deals. And earlier this month, he got engaged to his girlfriend , former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid.

He has another bright spot in his life: But a post over the weekend caught the eye of one Twitter user and may represent a slight snag in his recent upward momentum. On the surface, it looked like a perfectly sweet post — Lochte wishing his beloved Doberman, Carter, a happy 8th birthday. Lochte has done that exact same thing on October 23rd every year since I love you lil buddy. Happy birthday buddy, we got another 8!

If Lochte was correct in , Carter would now be 10 years old. However, as seen in the tweet, Carter was apparently born on October 23rd, , making him 9 years old this year.

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He has a clutch of Olympic gold medals and is swimming’s new sensation – while she works in the rather unglamorous surroundings of Milton Keynes in the UK. However, Ryan Lochte and his British girlfriend Jaimee Hollier have managed to keep a four-year romance under wraps – and away from his fans, MailOnline can reveal. Pretty brunette Jaimee, 23, is believed to have met Ryan, 28, while on holiday in Las Vegas and since then the couple have frequently met up, with Jaimee supporting Ryan at the London Olympics as well as at the World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ryan and Jamiee embrace, clearly having missed each other due to their far away homes Fun in the sun: Jaimee has even gone so far as to share a holiday photo of the couple together swimming with the dolphins at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, in February, tweeting: She is also close friends with Ryan’s older sister Kristin Lochte as well as his younger brother Devon.

As the story of LochteGate unfolds, it seems that Ryan Lochte and his teammates got caught up because of some women they were having sex with in Brazil, who felt slighted by the swimmers. NOW: police chief says info a/b what really happened came from 2 women who said they were “dating” or had.

Ryan Lochte Tells All: Lochte also takes a trip to D. The rest of the season appears to follow suit, as Lochte goes on dates, shows off words from his fictional vocabulary, and goofs around with friends and family. Earlier this month, Lochte spoke to The Daily Beast about his fitness routine, his family, his romantic relationships, and more. What follows is a completely unedited transcript of that conversation.

Between swim practice, family, friends, and dating, how do you balance everything?