Click on any thumbnail picture to show all of them. Others were donations from various sources in or purchased online from different sellers. The following mantel models were received in early October by donation from the late Bryan Hollebone’s collection: Most recently the museum added, again from the Jim Connell collection, four more mantel clocks that were purchased at the Miller brothers’ October 7, live auction in New Hamburg, Ontario: At November we are still looking for good examples of the following known models for our collection: To date mid , the only product known is spring-driven pendulum mantel clocks. Others have Made-in-Canada wood cases with imported movements.

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co

Early timekeeping[ edit ] Before clocks were first invented, it was common practice to mark the time of day with apparent solar time also called “true” solar time — for example, the time on a sundial — which was typically different for every location and dependent on longitude. When well-regulated mechanical clocks became widespread in the early 19th century, [1] each city began to use some local mean solar time.

Apparent and mean solar time can differ by up to around 15 minutes as described by the equation of time because of the elliptical shape of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun eccentricity and the tilt of the Earth’s axis obliquity. Mean solar time has days of equal length, and the difference between the two sums to zero after a year.

Campos & Hynes Presentation Banjo Clock. Item ID: – Campos & Hynes Presentation Banjo Clock. # dates the clock to This is an exceedingly rare clock from the transition between Foster Campos clocks and Robert Hynes clocks.

UK News Leap Year Why does February have 29 days every four years? When is it, why does it happen and everything else you need to know about the leap year in 4: Frogs are associated with leap years. Getty Why do we have leap years? A leap year, where an extra day is added to the end of February every four years , is down to the Gregorian calendar’s disparity with the solar system.

A complete orbit of the earth around the sun takes exactly So leap seconds – and leap years – are added as means of keeping our clocks and calendars in sync with the Earth and its seasons.

We have 35,373 antique clock prices, images and descriptions as of February 10, 2018.

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A time zone is a region of the globe that observes a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. Time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and their subdivisions because it is convenient for areas in close commercial or other communication to keep the same time.. Most of the time zones on land are offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by a whole number.

My address is Greenleaf Dr. I am available by appointment only: Click Here to enter my website directly. Look here for clock buying tips. Welcome to Mark Headrick’s Horology Page! I have made many changes to make my website more user friendly for mobile devices, like smartphones iPhone, Android , and iPads. This website is about modern and antique clock repair and horology with the equivalent of over pages of clock repair information for antique clock repair and for modern clock repair.

It also contains extensive information about clock and watch escapement design and many escapements in motion that show the viewer how each escapement is supposed to work. If your interest is watches, be sure to visit my photo gallery of watch mechanisms, including Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova, Accutron, Longines, Omega, and a Rolex. While most people know what a beautiful watch look like on the outside, few know what to look for inside.

There are several pages that show what the mechanisms look like as they are disassembled.

400 Day Anniversary Clock Repair: Schatz, Kundo, Kern and Others

Guide to Antique Mantle Clocks By Terry Hurley Collector and Antique Store Owner Gracing fireplace mantles and shelves for more than two hundred and fifty years, antique mantle clocks range in design from highly ornate to stylishly sleek. Mantle Clocks Made small enough to set on a fireplace mantle or shelf, these clocks are key wound and run from thirty hours to eight days, depending on the specific clock.

Also known as shelf clocks, the clock’s movement was made of brass or wood. Similar to many antique wall clocks , they have a swinging pendulum. However, the positioning of the clock movement is different from that of a wall clock. The movement of a wall clock is set in an upward position on the clock’s backboard; however, the movement in a mantle clock is made to lie horizontally on the clock’s base, also called the seat board.

Most of the clocks made by Seth Thomas, Ingraham, Sessions, Waterbury and Gilbert had recoil escapements and pendulums. Smiths and Elliott are British clocks: Smiths clocks were mass-produced, whereas Elliott clocks were high grade and of low-volume production (so desired by collectors).

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An antique Herschede Hall Clock Company grandfather clock. This clock features a dark mahogany case, a large domed top with a carved crest, glass paneled front and sides, nine chime tubes, and a weight. The dial features brass tone and steel ornamentation, Arabic numeral hour markers, black hands.

News Here are phylogeny packages and 54 free web servers , almost all that I know about. It is an attempt to be completely comprehensive. I have not made any attempt to exclude programs that do not meet some standard of quality or importance. Updates to these pages are made roughly monthly. Here is a “waiting list” of new programs waiting to have their full entries constructed.

Many of the programs in these pages are available on the web, and some of the older ones are also available from ftp server machines. The programs listed below include both free and non-free ones; in some cases I do not know whether a program is free. I have listed as free those that I knew were free; for the others you have to ask their distributor.

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Dating a Grandfather Clock

I soon discovered that Chauncey Jerome was one of the best known of 19th century clockmakers. By focusing on Chauncey Jerome clocks, I was able to further my interest in clocks as well as the history of clock making. Most of my clocks have some connection to Chauncey Jerome, although the connection is sometimes obscure see, for example, the George Mitchell clock.

Clockmakers Newsletter began publishing a monthly newsletter in , which ran for issues. In addition, author/editor Steven G. Conover has written and published 17 books on clock repair and clockmaking, with more titles to be published soon.

I soon discovered that Chauncey Jerome was one of the best known of 19th century clockmakers. By focusing on Chauncey Jerome clocks, I was able to further my interest in clocks as well as the history of clock making. Most of my clocks have some connection to Chauncey Jerome, although the connection is sometimes obscure see, for example, the George Mitchell clock. The three Waterbury clocks also point to connections to Chauncey Jerome that may not be obvious. Having moved to Omaha from the Seattle area, I no longer go to Chapter meetings.

Apologies for some of the amateurish photography. Feel free to contact me with questions about your Chauncey Jerome clocks. The clock was made by the New Haven Clock Co. My latest purchase represents an exciting find. In case you missed it, see the link below to my ukulele page. Now for something completely different: Ukuleles have been a fascination to me since , when I bought one for me and one for my wife.

Ukuleles put a smile on my face that not even the rarest and most collectible of Jeromes can do. It has an uncommon type 1.

Astronomical skeleton clock progress as of 09-14-09